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About us

Alpha Ingredients is a young company with long experience. It was born as a natural evolution of LCM Trading in Sesto San Giovanni, which has been operating in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics sector since 1982.

Through all these years LCM has developed deep knowledge and professionalism in the world of functional raw materials, actively collaborating in the production of active ingredients and in the development of personalized ingredients and solutions.

Through this 30-year experience, LCM has forged close relations of technical and business collaboration with many producers in different parts of the world, supplying 300 producing companies with a qualified range of services and selected raw materials.

In 2010 LCM decided to use its extensive expertise to create Alpha Ingredients, a company specializing in the Food sector whose objective is to bring to this sector the same level of service and professionalism present in the pharmaceutical sector.

Alpha Ingredients was thus born out of a multi-year experience and has its own dedicated team of Food sector experts, and avails itself of the premises and collaboration of LCM and of other connected or subsidiary companies in Italy and abroad.

LCM Group

Our Group

Since 1982 L.C.M. has grown in renown as an agent and distributor of pharmaceutical and cosmetics raw materials (active principles, excipients, synthesis intermediates).

Now, over 30 years later, L.C.M. collaborates with qualified producers all over the world, serving more than 400 clients and our fast growing product portfolio has been enriched by nutraceutical, food and household raw materials.

We work as Solution Provider.

The company:

Our structure

Alpha Ingredients has its own offices and dedicated staff, specializing in the food industry, in its Sesto San Giovanni premises. Thanks to specific agreements – including corporate ones – it has at its disposal a substantial food industry experimental pilot plant, completely equipped, where it is possible to carry out tests and verify the functionality of numerous ingredients and finished products.

Alpha Ingredients also has its own direct and indirect personnel in different parts of the world which are of strategic importance in the production of functional ingredients (China, India, Japan, Egypt).

This important and consolidated international network allows Alpha Ingredients to provide a fast, competent and flexible service, with the aim of realizing in a short time what is of interest to its clients.
Alpha Ingredients company officers are constantly present in person in the main International markets and at factories producing ingredients. Such direct presence allows constant evaluation and monitoring of the producing units, making it possible to always choose the best quality/price ratio for our clients.
Alpha Ingredients has been appointed to represent exclusively for Europe or Italy some prestigious producers of food industry raw materials (such as, for example, the enzymes of the Transglutaminase family or the innovative yeast extracts and natural flavour enhancers for food).
This role as exclusive distributor, as well as that of supplier of ingredients and special raw materials, is always carried out providing complete traceability of the productive chain and under the careful and precise supervision of our “regulatory office” (or legal office), which keeps a constant check on compliance with current European regulations.
Alpha Ingredients also provides efficient logistics management of the raw materials (certified Iso 9001:2000) guaranteeing, upon request, the presence of constant stocks of products in its Italian warehouses, for a “just in time” and always optimal delivery.

What we do

Our Services

The food market and its qualitative and competitive requirements have undergone profound changes in the last few years. Food producing companies have an ever increasing need for products and services responding to a market that requires…