What we do

Our values

The food market and its qualitative and competitive requirements have undergone profound changes in the last few years. Food producing companies have an ever increasing need for products and services responding to a market that requires:

  • response speed
  • development of innovative products
  • clean labels
  • new nutritional profiles
  • custom-made products
  • reduction of costs

What we do

Our services

Only large integrated industrial groups can find within them all the resources necessary to address these problems in a fast and competitive way. Alpha Ingredients offers to food industries of all sizes its own qualified services and products to meet the most varied requirements. Its services include:

Scouting of specific raw materials

Selection of suited international manufacturers, visited and regularly audited.

Certification and control of the supply chain and product quality and importation procedures.

Analysis and inspections of imported goods

Warranty of the best ratio between price and quality  of finished product considering standard requested.

Assistance and coordination of relationship between manufacturers and end users, with the possibility to realize tailor-made solutions and semi-finished products basing on customers’ requirements.

Strong cooperation with purchasing offices and R&D teams in order to satisfy each need.

  • Qualified Regulatory Department
  • Strong Supply Chain Control
  • Total Quality Management
  • Stock Point
  • Technical Sales Skills
  • Compliance with  GTDP  requirements
  • ISO 9001 : 2008
  • Narcotic drug license
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • 3 Platforms in Italy
  • 2 dedicated Stockpile for LCM


Our stock point

The standard operating flow of STM Group involves receiving material from production sites, checking inbound quality and quantity, storing products in fully equipped, adequate areas, receiving orders at Customer Service both from the Principal and directly from the End Customers, picking and packing and assigning deliveries to specialist carriers, duly selected and regularly audited to maintain their status as qualified partners.

  • Total covered area :  23.000 m2
  • Total office area : 1.400 m2
  • Total pallet position : 24.000
  • Total refrigerated pallet position : 230
  • Total narcotic pallet position : 150

What we do

Our Products

Our role as exclusive distributor, as well as that of supplier of ingredients and special raw materials, is always carried out providing complete traceability of the productive chain and under the careful and precise supervision of our “regulatory office” (or legal office), which keeps a constant check on compliance with current European regulations.